Simon Castellan <> writes:

> For now I am rebasing my parser on your categories (I must say I was
> lacking a lot). Please let me know when you change your syntaxic
> categories (by change you mean additions only or removals as well ?).

I have a couple additions in mind: I'd like to refine table parsing.
I'll probably add "table-row" and "table-cell" elements. I'd like to
introduce a new type of drawers too, but that's another story.

There's no removal in sight, though.

I'll keep you informed on changes in that area.

> I will try in my sources to document meanings and (very) informal
> syntax of handled constructions.

This could be a starter for the complete document to come.

> Besides, what are "export snippets" ? I can't find a reference to it
> in the manual.

They're an experimental syntax I introduced to replace and generalize
HTML tags (@<tag>). They are, more or less, the inline counterpart of
export blocks. For example, one should be able to use @html{<tag>}, but
also @latex{\hfill{}}, etc. and back-ends filter out all but one


Nicolas Goaziou

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