Alright, I've just pushed up a fix for this issue as well.

"Allen S. Rout" <> writes:

> I've attached '',  which demonstrates (for me) an odd
> behavior in current git head (I encountered this just after doing a
> git pull).
> There are two ls listings in this file, one after the 'foo' block, and
> prefixed by a results: tag.   The other is before the block, and not
> so prefixed.
> The trailing, prefixed block was generated when I had no space after
> the string 'foo' in the NAME: line.   If I add one space, then the
> results block which comes before is generated.
> I can't think this is a deliberate feature;  can anyone else duplicate
> these results?
> - Allen S. Rout

Eric Schulte

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