Achim Gratz <> writes:
>  It all works now when adding "testing/" to the load path.  I'll add
> this to the default configuration in my Makefile fork.

I've improved the test invocation in my Makefile fork.  It now starts
from a clean Emacs invocation withoutsite startup and loads the
configured Babel languages and possibly extra packages before running
the tests.  All Babel languages are activated by default except R, since
R seems to depend on ess (i.e. even if you add it to the list, the tests
still fail due to that missing dependency).  Extra packages, for
instance from contrib, can be required by adding their names to
BTEST_EXTRA in and possibly prepending or appending load-path
elements or other command line options via BTEST_PRE and BTEST_POST.

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