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>> Hello,
>> oitofe...@gmail.com (Bruno Félix Rezende Ribeiro) writes:
>>> Consider the following org code:
>>> --
>>> This is only a text.[1]
>>> [1] This is a text body's footnote.[2]
>>> [2] This is a footnote's footnote.
>>> --
>>> When org-mode exports this code to html, despite the fact that
>>> footnote 2 is present in the final document, it don't exports
>>> footnote 2 reference as a link to footnote 2; it's exported just
>>> like plain text.
>> There's no official support for nested footnotes in current exporter.
>> Implementing it would be non trivial (it may be for the HTML back-end,
>> but clearly not for the LaTeX one).  Since we're working on a new export
>> engine, I don't think it's worth the effort.
>> Though, your report made me implement it in the experimental exporter.
> From OpenDocument-1.2 spec has the following note
> ,----
> | 6.3.4<text:note-body>
> | 
> | The <text:note-body> element contains the content of a note. It does not
> | have any attributes.
> | 
> | Note: The schema allows for the inclusion of notes into the note
> | body. While this may be reasonable for note types, it is not reasonable
> | for footnotes and endnotes. Conforming consumers need not support notes
> | inside notes.
> `----
> LibreOffice doesn't support notes inside notes.  So for all practical
> purposes, nested footnotes cannot be supported with ODT export (in both
> the legacy and in-the-works experimental version).
> If one intends to export his Org file to ODT, then nested footnote
> construction should be avoided like plague.

It isn't really supported in LaTeX too, but there are workarounds.

If such thing isn't possible, ODT back-end will ignore any footnote
contained in another footnote (i.e. whose genealogy contains an element
with an `footnote-reference' or `footnote-definition' type) and send
a message to the user.


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