Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:
>> If one intends to export his Org file to ODT, then nested footnote
>> construction should be avoided like plague.
> It isn't really supported in LaTeX too, but there are workarounds.

There are always workarounds, but footnotes within footnotes aren't
directly supported by any publishing system I know of, and with good
reason.  A footnote, just like a marginal, is an expansion on the main
text that can be skipped without loss of information (but maybe loss of
detail).  So whenever you feel that you need a footnote within a
footnote, you could just as well have two footnotes at the original

> If such thing isn't possible, ODT back-end will ignore any footnote
> contained in another footnote (i.e. whose genealogy contains an element
> with an `footnote-reference' or `footnote-definition' type) and send
> a message to the user.

It would be better to not promote the idea of footnotes within footnotes
and those who insist on using that construct should be required to
explicitly request that feature and suffer the consequences.

Much better would be if starting a footnote while within a footnote
would simply open a new footnote and add the reference at the same place
where the first one was opened.

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