Dear List,

I have a question regarding the #+INCLUDE markup:

Using babel, I ran into trouble with latex equations and I do not have the time to sort things out (unbalance #+begin_latex...). Therefore, I decided to use auctex and latex files to edit the calculation parts of my thesis.

I know the "brute force" method of using \input etc. but I'd prefer to use the much better #+INCLUDE markup, because I can open the file using C-C '. Using
#+INCLUDE: myfile.tex
orgmode assumes the file is in org syntax.

So I tried
#+INCLUDE: myfile.tex latex
and the files compiled fine but C-C ' does try to open a file called myfile.tex latex

Is there any chance to include a tex file in orgmode in a way that it can be opened interactively by using #+INCLUDE: or -even better- defining a link?


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