Eric Schulte <> writes:

Hi Eric, Hi List, 

> Some ideas that come
> to mind include;
> - implementing a multi-programming-language "notebook" like console
>   interface build on top of Org-mode and Babel (with both Emacs and
>   HTML interfaces)
> - adding support for asynchronous code block execution
> - adding support for piping results between code blocks allowing many
>   blocks to run concurrently (probably best combined with asynchronous
>   execution)
> - adding support for handling output written to STDERR

Eric - I added these 4 proposels to the GSoC 2012 ideas page:
and put you as potential mentor - is that OK with you?

Since the deadline for the GNU application is approaching rapidly (9th
of march) I would like to encourage anybody with an Org Mode related
project idea (no matter if from a mentors or a students point of view)
to add his proposol to the ideas page.

This is a good chance for students to "flip bits, not burgers" during the
summer, paid by Google, working on their favorite software-project, and
contributing to the GNU project and the idea of free software. 


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