Jambunathan K <kjambunat...@gmail.com> writes:

> Can the org-export driver make listified headings transparent to the
> backend? 

I am reluctant to fake data presented to transcoders. I am even more
reluctant when some information is lost in the process. A back-end might
need to tell the difference between an headline that should be treated
as a list and a regular list. For example some back-end with weak list
concept (limited in the types of objects lists can contain) would rather
not turn headlines into items.

Currently, the exporter API is more oriented towards showing full info,
and giving clues on how to handle it.

> Currently listified headings are handled within org-e-backend-headline
> through first-sibling and last sibling checks and the backends *do
> know* that it is handling a headline in a special way.
> If you have reservations in considering the above request, I believe
> handling of indented tables will be fragmented across plain-list/item
> callbacks and headline callbacks. 

This is a back-end specific limitation. I guess it is unavoidable.

Though, if you think about a generic tool that could reduce the amount
of work required, I will include it in org-export.el.


Nicolas Goaziou

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