Richard Stanton writes:
> While this seems to have something to do with the bash shell I'm
> using, this works fine for everything else, so I'm pretty sure there's
> no fundamental problem in my setup, and it would be nice to find a way
> around this problem.

I am pretty sure there is some fundamental problem, but you never told
us what exactly your setup is.

FWIW, I sometimes get these doubled up prefix paths since I installed
cygwin-setup and cygwin-mount from the EmacsWiki in operations that are
completely unrelated to org (I haven't had time to investigate), but
then it works for the same path if I try the same thing a bit later.
Also, as has been mentioned before, you might want to check where the
string "c:\dropbox\org" comes from, since Emacs would normally expand it
as "c:/dropbox/org", so it seems likely that you pull it in via a
Windows environment variable or it is quoted once too many.  Lastly, it
is not a good idea to give such DOS paths with "\" to bash, as bash has
totally different quoting rules than DOS cmd.

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