Richard Stanton writes:
> This result occurs because I'm using (Cygwin) bash as my shell inside
> Emacs, not the Windows default, cmdproxy.exe. It's therefore true that
> my shell does *not* expect DOS file names (and gets very upset when
> you pass it a backslash...), but escaping the ":" seems to cause
> problems because now ":" is taken to be part of the file name, I
> think, rather than part of "c:", the name of the (Windows) disk.

No, the backslash would be OK for the shell.  But you are not sending
that string to a shell (much less bash), you are sending it to a Win32
program.  Windows programs are not expecting any quoting in their
arguments (not even cmd-style quoting).  Write a shell wrapper around
each windows program that you are calling through your cygwinized

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