Hello fellow Orgmode users,

Have installed orgmode 8.0.2 last night, and loving it so far.  Facing
one issue (or change in behavior) though.  This is on Emacs 24.3.

Looks like M-RET (`org-insert-heading`), and it's equivalent M-S-RET
(`org-insert-todo-heading`) are behaving a little erratically when
invoked from the _end_ of a heading that has a property drawer.

An example will perhaps help:

With a heading _without_ any property drawer, such as:

*** A Heading
^           ^
Beginning   End

If I invoke M-S-RET at the beginning or end of the heading, then I get
the expected behavior, where I get a new item created as:

***              <----- This is created if invoked from the _beginning_ of the 

*** A Heading    <----- The original heading

***              <----- And this is created if invoked from the _end_ of the 

However, if there is a _drawer_ on the heading, then the behavior when
M-RET is invoked from the _end_ of the line is:

*** A Heading with a Drawer
    ***          <----- The second item's outline

    Note that the second item's outline got indented, and has
    leading spaces (indented?)

This is inconsistent with the behavior in earlier versions of

Not sure if this is a bug (since there seems to be new functionality
such as C-u C-u M-RET to add a new item at end of the parent's subtree
in version 8.0).


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