Finally found the cause of the issue I had reported a few weeks back:

    Anupam> Looks like M-RET (`org-insert-heading`), and it's equivalent
    Anupam> M-S-RET (`org-insert-todo-heading`) are behaving a little
    Anupam> erratically when invoked from the _end_ of a heading that
    Anupam> has a property drawer.


    Anupam> behavior when M-RET is invoked from the _end_ of the line
    Anupam> is:
    Anupam> *** A Heading with a Drawer
    Anupam>     :PROPERTIES:
    Anupam>     :CATEGORY: TEST
    Anupam>     :END:
    Anupam>     *** <----- The second item's outline
    Anupam>     ^^^ Note that the second item's outline got indented,
    Anupam>         and has leading spaces (indented?)

Basically, the issue is that there is a bad interplay with the
`electric-indent-mode`, which is causing the additional indentation to
be added during the invocation of `org-insert-heading`.

Apologies for the noise, and hopefully this helps someone.  It might be
useful to add this minor mode in the list of conflicts in the manual


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