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>> 2. use ":results drawer", and explicitly formatting the results in
>>    Org-mode syntax w/awk
> Unfortunately this doesn't work.  The output is always printed to the
> "#+RESULTS:" section and not piped through awk.  But working with
> ":results raw" works perfect for me.  I can even produce a separator
> line in the table now with =print "|-"=.
> The only question left, how to import org tables "on the fly" to sqlite,
> to keep everthing in Org mode.  This would also be an interesting
> candidate for an "ob-doc-sh.org" starter I guess.

I may have missed you spelling this out in a previous email, but can you
not import Org tables directly into sqlite code blocks?

Evaluate this again after evaluating the second block.
#+BEGIN_SRC sqlite :csv :db test.sqlite
  SELECT * from t1;

| 1 | apple pie |
| 2 | sugar     |

A manually created Org-mode block.

#+name: manual
| 3 | rhubarb |
| 4 | butter  |

#+BEGIN_SRC sqlite :csv :var data=manual :db test.sqlite :results silent
  .separator ","
  .import $data t1
Eric Schulte

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