Hi all,

I have an Org-mode file with notes concerning a large project connected
with teaching at my university.  One of the headlines is dedicated to
one particular course, where I am part of a group developing a concept
of this course.  So, one subheadline is devoted to that.  Yet another
(subsub)headline is a list if my proposals of things that should be
covered during that course, and now it needs 3 more levels down.
Summing it up: I have 5 levels of headlines and now I need a sixth
one.  So, my question is: what are good practices of other Org-moders?
Do you push such a monster to an external file and just include a link
to it?  Or do you just live with 6-level structure (which is a bit
cumbersome, since I sometimes want to copy a part of this document to
an email)?  Or maybe there's yet another way of handling this?


Marcin Borkowski
Adam Mickiewicz University

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