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> Hi all,


> I have an Org-mode file with notes concerning a large project connected
> with teaching at my university.  One of the headlines is dedicated to
> one particular course, where I am part of a group developing a concept
> of this course.  So, one subheadline is devoted to that.  Yet another
> (subsub)headline is a list if my proposals of things that should be
> covered during that course, and now it needs 3 more levels down.
> Summing it up: I have 5 levels of headlines and now I need a sixth
> one.  So, my question is: what are good practices of other Org-moders?
> Do you push such a monster to an external file and just include a link
> to it?  Or do you just live with 6-level structure (which is a bit
> cumbersome, since I sometimes want to copy a part of this document to
> an email)?  Or maybe there's yet another way of handling this?

So I assume you've got this:

- project.org
  - courseX
    - covered topics (unsure about this one; not necessary)
      - topic 1
        - task related to topic 1

Either you are OK with this level of headings (I would not care) or
you have many different possibilities.

1. Additional Org-mode file(s): see other answers

2. Usage of flat hierarchy

- project.org
  - non-educational
  - courseX
  - courseX notes

3. Usage of tags

- project.org
  - X    :non-educational:
  - course material    :courseX:
  - course topics      :courseX:
  - course notes       :courseX:

Or you can use a combination of these methods or additional methods
which do not come to my mind for now.

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