Carsten Dominik <> writes:

Hi Carsten,

> On 22 mei 2013, at 22:44, Thorsten Jolitz <> wrote:

>     What is it all about? With 'org-hlc' 
>     ,--------------------------------------------------------------------
>     | Behind every folded headline, a little 'cookie' shows the number of
>     | hidden lines till the next visible headline.
>     `--------------------------------------------------------------------

> This is is definitely a nice feature. [...] However, I don't think the
> implementation is the right one.  Modifying the file to display this
> does not seem right. I would say it should use text properties or
> maybe overlays for display

I have not done anything with text properties or overlays before, so I
have to take it look at the docs, but I guess this would only affect
small parts of the implementation (do something with properties/overlays
instead of inserting/deleting text). 

> , and it should be hooked somehow into the folding/unfolding routines
> to auto-update.

Thats what I thought too, but I ran into a problem I could not solve so
far, so this user-command based implementation (show the cookies on
demand) is kind of the second-best solution (better then nothing). 

Here is a thread related to the problem mentioned, unfortunately with no
posts except my own so far:



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