Nick Dokos <> writes:

> Thorsten Jolitz <> writes:
>>> , and it should be hooked somehow into the folding/unfolding routines
>>> to auto-update.
>> Thats what I thought too, but I ran into a problem I could not solve so
>> far, so this user-command based implementation (show the cookies on
>> demand) is kind of the second-best solution (better then nothing). 
>> Here is a thread related to the problem mentioned, unfortunately with no
>> posts except my own so far:
>> ,-----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> |
>> `-----------------------------------------------------------------------
> You can try increasing max-specpdl-size: read the doc for it. If you are
> asking for a bounded amount of resources but that amount is bigger than
> what emacs is willing to give you, then increasing the size should work.
> OTOH, if you are asking for unlimited resources (e.g. you have an
> infinite recursion somewhere), then increasing the limit will only allow
> you to go a little further before blowing up again.
> So try making it 10 or even 100 times bigger and see what you get (and
> try it on a throwaway emacs instance, not the working instance). If it
> still blows up, you'll have to look at your code carefully: chances are
> there is a programming error.

I read about that, but I did not simply want to increase the limit
because looking at my code I thought it should not use so much bindings. 

However, the problem is more or less obsolete now since I switched to a
completely different implementation using overlays - see my post with
regards to 'org-weights.el'.

Thanks for the info anyway. 


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