Christopher Witte <> writes:

> Hi all,
> I had some wierd behaviour with gnuplot source blocks and I'm not sure of
> the best way to fix it.
> I have gnuplot source blocks that write output files that I insert into the
> document using links, as such:
> #+begin_src gnuplot :file transInc.eps
>     reset
>     set encoding utf8
>     set output "./fig/transInc.eps"
>     .....
> #+end_src
> [[fig/transInc.eps]]

Why not do the following instead which would be equivalent and simpler.
The output will be automatically set from the value of your :file header

#+begin_src gnuplot :file fig/transInc.eps
  set encoding utf8

> and I have two documents in different directories, say 'a' and 'b'
> that do this.  If I go to the first document in folder 'a' and export
> it to latex and then go to the second document in folder 'b' and also
> export it to latex, all the generated plots end up in 'a'.  It took me
> a while to work it out, but this is because only one gnuplot session
> is started and 'reset' doesn't reset output.  Killing the gnuplot
> buffer fixes this, but that is annoying if I frequently switch back
> and forth between the documents.

Does setting :session to "none" for gnuplot fix this problem?

> I could use full paths, but that seams like a pain, any other suggestions?
> Thanks for the help,
> Chris.

Eric Schulte

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