Bastien <> writes:
> John Hendy <> writes:
>> Just wanted to follow up on this. I haven't been using =C-a s= a ton
>> so it drifted off my radar, but recently needed to use it a lot and
>> noticed this was still persisting.
> ... it's still on my radar too, I've just been overwhelmed by work
> and other stuff.  I should have more time next week, sorry for the
> delay.

I just noticed this thread, which i think reports exactly the issue I
reported here [this thread was before, but the title didn't catch my
eyes -- sorry about that] <> and more or less
"fixed" here <> (not sent as a patch because I'm
unsure about it)

Meanwhile, John Hendy reported that the issue is resolved for him, so
maybe I notice the thread too late to be useful, otoh I don't see which
commit solved the problem, so maybe luck is involved in his resolution.


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