Hello Nicolas,

Nicolas Goaziou wrote:
> "Sebastien Vauban" writes:
>> Nicolas Goaziou wrote:
>>> The previous definition would become:
>>>   '("textpos1" "w" "\\begin{textblock}%r \\visible %a {" "} 
>>> \\end{textblock}")
>>> WDYT?
>> I'm not sure to understand. Where would he put his options?  Directly on the
>> heading line, with no "text", then?
>> Something like this:
>> ** {10}(3,3)                                           :textpos1:
>> Contents to position
>> at some (x,y) coordinates...
> Correct.

I think this is quite elegant...

With what you say below, we then have 3 different solutions (at least) for new

- the one above, where you add a new environment definition (but, then, it's
  kind of private for your own files; difficult to share)

- the Org special blocks, ancient way, which you've fixed


- the Org special blocks, new way, with the OPTIONS

    #+LaTeX_ATTR: :options {2cm}

Now, a big question: outside the fact that some such "standards" (like
"texpos1") would have to be added IMHO as default Beamer environments, what
about standard LaTeX?

I think normal, then, to wanna get that same behavior in the LaTeX backend.
How to do that?  I'm a bit puzzled by the differences to get some similar

- In LaTeX, you have the inline tasks which can be used to insert blocks, but
  not the system where you create blocks by adding an "ignoreheading" heading,

- In Beamer, we have both?  And, for whatever reason (which must escape me),
  we tend to prefer the "ignoreheading" for closing a block.

In my latest slides, I've been quite disturbed by how much "pure LaTeX" I've
finally inserted in my slides, for inserting TikZ nodes to render boxes. I had
the impression to write LaTeX inside an Org file; and that's not the right

- too much LaTeX tag overload,

- no HTML equivalent for the contents of my boxes -- while, as presented here
  above for the "textpos", even in HTML, it'd be quite nice.

- no Org syntax usable: inside my boxes (TikZ nodes), I had to use \textbf for
  bold, not the stars...

Now, there are, once again, other extra solutions: MACRO and Org Babel calls.

Too much solutions...

>> What do you call a recent Org?  I'm blocked on commit 26a9b02, from May 27th,
>> as long as the #+SETUPFILE: bug is not fixed (fontification is broken).
>> So, is that one (4 weeks old) a recent Org?
> No. I fixed it ten days ago (dffdc49).

OK, thanks!

Best regards,

Sebastien Vauban

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