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> With what you say below, we then have 3 different solutions (at least) for new
> environments:
> - the one above, where you add a new environment definition (but, then, it's
>   kind of private for your own files; difficult to share)

If you use advanced features of Org, you're more or less bound to share
your documents with a config file anyway.


> - the Org special blocks, new way, with the OPTIONS
>     #+LaTeX_ATTR: :options {2cm}
>     #+begin_myenv{2cm}
>     Contents...
>     #+end_myenv


  #+attr_latex: :options {2cm}

> Now, a big question: outside the fact that some such "standards" (like
> "texpos1") would have to be added IMHO as default Beamer environments, what
> about standard LaTeX?
> I think normal, then, to wanna get that same behavior in the LaTeX backend.
> How to do that?  I'm a bit puzzled by the differences to get some similar
> results...
> - In LaTeX, you have the inline tasks which can be used to insert blocks, but
>   not the system where you create blocks by adding an "ignoreheading" heading,
>   right?
> - In Beamer, we have both?  And, for whatever reason (which must escape me),
>   we tend to prefer the "ignoreheading" for closing a block.

I don't understand your question. Equivalent blocks do not exist in
standard LaTeX, do they? Also, this has nothing to do with inlinetasks.

In Beamer export, headlines can generate blocks. This is handy because
they can be easily nested, accept properties through drawers, etc.
Special blocks are more limited. Though, you cannot close a headline, so
the "ignoreheading" trick was implemented.

In LaTeX export, headlines generate headlines.

> In my latest slides, I've been quite disturbed by how much "pure LaTeX" I've
> finally inserted in my slides, for inserting TikZ nodes to render boxes. I had
> the impression to write LaTeX inside an Org file; and that's not the right
> approach:
> - too much LaTeX tag overload,
> - no HTML equivalent for the contents of my boxes -- while, as presented here
>   above for the "textpos", even in HTML, it'd be quite nice.
> - no Org syntax usable: inside my boxes (TikZ nodes), I had to use \textbf for
>   bold, not the stars...

I think you are asking too much for Org syntax.

> Now, there are, once again, other extra solutions: MACRO and Org Babel
> calls.



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