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> Hello. I recently upgraded to org 8 from the builtin org (7.x) of Emacs
> 24.3 and lost the ability to customize the \hypersetup block via the custom
> var org-export-latex-hyperref-options-format. Platform is OSX, Emacs
> installed via homebrew and org-mode updated via package.el.
> Org 7.x defines the var in org-latex.el. Because it's a builtin, the custom
> var still displays in the 'org-latex-export group when configuring options.
> However, the new export logic from ox-latex.el does not define this custom
> var, nor does it respect the value if it is set. This is doubly confusing
> because it appears the var is available, but it actually unused.

The problem will go with the next Emacs release.

> I found this thread from September which describes the same issue, but the
> patch did not address adding the custom var back and seems to have died.
> http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-orgmode/2013-09/msg01364.html

Actually, there is a way to ignore hypersetup block. See

If you really want a custom command, I think it is better to first
disable it with the variable aforementioned, then include your own
with #+latex_header or in a custom latex class (see

You can also use a filter to change it on the fly, but that would be
less straightforward.


Nicolas Goaziou

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