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> So I understand, you're recommending I disable org-latex-with-hyperref and
> then add my own \\hypersetup. My goal would be to avoid placing a #+ entry
> into every .org file I compose. Which var would be the easiest to to adjust
> so I can emit \\hypersetup by default and still access the info map that is
> passed to org-latex-template. I'd like to get the keywords, subject and
> creator variables that are emitted right now.

On a personal level, if you only need to add keyword-value pairs,
I think the simplest solution is to add a class in `org-latex-classes',
where you insert an additional "\hypersetup{...}" command. You don't
need to change `org-latex-with-hyperref' in this case.

You can also use a (final) filter to install this command if you don't
want to bother creating a new class.

On a more general level, I'll welcome a solution replacing
`org-latex-with-hyperref' with `org-latex-hyperref-template', which
could be either nil (no hyperref command) or a string with some
placeholders (e.g. %k for keywords).

What do you think?


Nicolas Goaziou

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