Hi Bastien,

Bastien <b...@gnu.org> writes:

> Hi Alan,
> Well, preventing users from shooting them in the foot is part of why
> `org-emphasis-regexp-components' is not a custom variable (it used to
> be, but that led to lots of confusion.)
> I hope we can get rid of this variable one day or another.

I don't see how to do it cleanly without some form of escaping (to allow
anything to be quoted), which goes against the "verbatim" idea.

A suggestion could be to allow any text inside the markers, except for
the marker itself which would need to be escaped. Escaping could take
the form of doubling the marker:

~"foo bar"~ --> "foo bar"
~"foo ~~ bar"~ --> "foo ~ bar"

As I've not thought this through, I'm pretty sure someone will find a
huge flaw in this suggestion.



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