2014-03-05 01:20, Samuel Wales wrote:
There are several packages that allow ido to work everywhere.  The one
I use, ido-hacks, works fine for tags out of the box.

A quick look at ido-hacks.el here: https://github.com/scottjad/ido-hacks/blob/master/ido-hacks.el suggests that this doesn't really solve the problem of being able to select multiple tags separated by colon at the same time with ido.

I haven't tried it but the docstring for the advice of completing-read says:

"Advice `completing-read' to always use `ido-read-internal',
unless `this-command' has a (ido ignore) property or the
inherit-input-method argument is non-nil or the collection
argument is a function (which ido can't handle)."

which seems to suggest that passing 'org-tags-completion-function as the second argument (collection) to the advised completing-read wouldn't use ido in this case either

Anders Johansson

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