Samuel Wales <> writes:

> with my settings, i do c-c c-c tab [select] tab and it sets the first
> one correctly.  but if i do tab after that, it doesn't allow
> completion.  so i guess you're right.
> i can do shortcuts which work at the same time and i can do ret c-c
> c-c tab to set more.
> ido-hacks is the best of all the ido everywhere thingies i know of, btw.

I think this is what completing-read-multiple is supposed to do: allow
insertion of multiple completion candidates from the list, separated by
the value of crm-separator (a comma by default, but it could be let to
":"). If I recall correctly there's a bug in earlier versions of crm,
and the fix might not be present until later versions of emacs, but take
a look...

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