On 2014-03-27 04:43, Nicolas Goaziou wrote:

Grant Rettke <g...@wisdomandwonder.com> writes:

Sacha Chua made a nice hack to export checkboxes as unicode symbols to
HTML here:


(defun sacha/org-html-checkbox (checkbox)
"Format CHECKBOX into HTML."
(case checkbox (on "<span class=\"check\">&#x2611;</span>") ;
checkbox (checked)
(off "<span class=\"checkbox\">&#x2610;</span>")
(trans "<code>[-]</code>")
(t "")))
(defadvice org-html-checkbox (around sacha activate)
(setq ad-return-value (sacha/org-html-checkbox (ad-get-arg 0))))

Thanks Sacha.

There is also:

(setq org-html-checkbox-type 'unicode)

You need a recent Org, though (maybe development version, I didn't check).

I didn't apply it in maint, so it's only in master.

BTW, i used "[&nbsp;]" for the unchecked box (we use the same for checked and trans)... I think i'll change the unchecked box to &#x2610; to match the checked box (same as sachua).


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