El Wed, 02 Apr 2014 14:59:42 +0200 Nicolas Goaziou va escriure:
> > Hi, recently this syntax: <<< >>> started highlighting all spaces (spaces 
> > between words) as if they were links. I see them with a blue underline.
> >   I found this because I used some Unicode-art like <<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>> 
> > where I certainly didn't mean to define a radio link.
> This should be fixed. Thank you for reporting it.

  Now it works, thanks.
  I also found a strange behaviour where links appear in the middle of words. 
Explanatory example:

** Languages
*** <<<C>>> language
*** <<<JavaScript>>>
*** etc.
Etc. ā† should the C in etc be highlighted as a link to ā€žCā€œ? Now it is and it's 
a bit annoying. This is new behaviour.

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