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> What I don't understand is:
>     Why are Emacs Lisp minor modes loaded for exporting
>     the Org document to HTML?

As a final filter, `set-auto-mode' is called in order to indent the
buffer properly. See `org-html-final-function'. When the major mode
switch happens, all associated minor modes are installed.

It also happens when exporting to a temporary buffer.

Of course, this doesn't explain why Emacs lisp minor modes are attached
to an HTML buffer. I guess there is something funny happening with

> If not necessary, this seems suboptimal (performance-wise).
> Is it really necessary?

Not really. We could be more careful when generating code, i.e., 
we could generate code already indented.

Another option is to change major mode only when `org-html-indent' is

> So, is there a way to disactivate those minor modes during export?

Not at the moment.


Nicolas Goaziou

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