Jacek Generowicz <jacek.generow...@cern.ch> writes:

> I am used to the export dispatcher offering sections for export to HTML
> [h] and LaTeX [l].
> After having upgraded a number of things on my system (including a small
> bump of Emacs, but NOT (to my knowledge) org mode), the dispatcher no
> longer offers the [h] and [l] options ... until I invoke one of the
> commands via M-x. In other words,
>     M-x org-html-export-to-html
> causes the [h] section to be available in the dispatcher thereafter.
> Any ideas what might have caused this change, or what I might do to have
> the [h] and [l] dispatcher options be available automatically?

Only loaded export back-ends appear in the dispatcher. See

  (info "(org) Export back-ends")

You can either customize  `org-export-backends' or simply (require
'ox-html) in your config.

However, both latex and html back-ends are expected to be loaded by
default. Thus, there may be something going on with your installation or


Nicolas Goaziou

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