Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:

> Only loaded export back-ends appear in the dispatcher. See
>   (info "(org) Export back-ends")
> You can either customize  `org-export-backends' or simply (require
> 'ox-html) in your config.
> However, both latex and html back-ends are expected to be loaded by
> default. Thus, there may be something going on with your installation or
> configuration.

Yes, it looks like something fishy is going on: At startup the value of
`org-export-backends' is

   (ascii html icalendar latex)

but the dispatcher doesn't show them. (require 'ox-html) is enough to
make [h] appear in the dispatcher. (Which is good enough for me for now,
given the time I have available to fix it.)

Thanks for your suggestion.

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