On 2014-10-23, at 16:39, Daniel Clemente wrote:

> Hi,
> breaking a big .org file in many small pieces is one of my major concerns
> with .org and one which gives me lots of problems. Thank you very much for
> having the clear objective of one-to-many.

You're welcome!

> If your goal is HTML export, you can do a function that iterates over all
> headers and exports them (see below). But then links are broken, you need
> to decide filenames, etc. Which is what your project solves.

Or I hope so – at least;-).

> org-one-to-many has a shortcoming which is present in so many "org to blog"
> systems: it expects a particular structure (in this case, all headers at
> the same level). I suggest you iterate over search results of a normal
> search:
> For instance, you can get all headers tagged with "tobesplit" like this:
> (org-map-entries (lambda () (line-number-at-pos))  "+tobesplit" 'agenda)
> One of the possible searches is "headers at level 2", so this new system
> would include the one you have.

I thought about it.  I'd like to first make my code a bit cleaner and
fix one bug I know of.  I think this will be fairly easy; I could split
headers with some property (a tag might not be a good idea, since tags
are inherited).

> Greetings

Thanks for your input!

Marcin Borkowski
Adam Mickiewicz University

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