I think it would be easy to copy all the file keywords. One way would
just be searching by regexp. Another way could be similar to:


if you know in advance what the important ones are.

Marcin Borkowski writes:

> Hello everybody,
> so I've got this little library of mine, called org-one-to-many, which
> can split an Org file into pieces, modifying internal links so that they
> still point to the same place (even if now in another file).
> But I have a problem with it.  I would like to export all the resulting
> files into, say, HTML, and the problem is that all the options
> (obviously) don't propagate to the “subfiles” – so that if I say e.g.
> #+LANGUAGE: pl
> anywhere in the file, it is not copied to all the resulting files
> (generated from headings), unless this line happens to be in one of them
> (and then it disappears from the “main” file).
> I can see two solutions to this problem.  One is to somehow recognize
> these lines and copy them to all the resulting files.  One trouble with
> that is that I’d have to decide, for instance, /where/ to put them – at
> the beginning?
> The easier solution, which /might/ also be “cleaner” in a sense, is to
> recognize some kind of “special” heading - for instance,
> * COMMENT Config
> #+LANGUAGE: pl
> or something like that, and copy it verbatim to all the generated files,
> say – at their end.
> What do you think?  Can you see another solution?  If not, which of the
> above do you consider a better one?
> TIA,

Professor John Kitchin
Doherty Hall A207F
Department of Chemical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
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