Hi Thierry,

Thanks for the feedback.
I posted an updated patch under the subject:

  [patch] extend org-meta-return to keywords

where Nicolas commented.

Thierry Banel <tbanelweb...@free.fr> writes:

> M-RET working "as expected" is appealing.
> Your patch makes M-RET moreuseful than it is now.
> I vote +1.

> There are a few issues thought.
> I guess they can be worked out.
> For instance:
>    #+HEA|DER: :var v="hello"     (cursor is the pipe |)
> ischanged into
>    #+HEA
>    #+HEADER: |DER: :var v="hello"
> which is pretty useless

Thanks.  I'm pretty sure it's fixed in the version from last night.

> Also if #+HEADER: is immediately followed by a #+BEGIN_SRC,
> the patch (for an unknown reason) is ignored,
> and the old behavior applies.

OK, that's a good test case.  I will look into it.


Enough with the bla bla!

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