M-RET working "as expected" is appealing.
Your patch makes M-RET moreuseful than it is now.
I vote +1.

There are a few issues thought.
I guess they can be worked out.

For instance:
   #+HEA|DER: :var v="hello"     (cursor is the pipe |)
ischanged into
   #+HEADER: |DER: :var v="hello"
which is pretty useless

Also if #+HEADER: is immediately followed by a #+BEGIN_SRC,
the patch (for an unknown reason) is ignored,
and the old behavior applies.

Thanks for this

Le 19/11/2014 15:41, Rasmus a écrit :
> Hi,
> Something I have wanted for a while is to have M-RET work "as
> expected"(?)  on keyword lines such as #+LATEX_HEADER, #+CAPTION etc.
> An "animation" to illustrate, where '|' is point:
>     #+CAPTION: this is a |long caption
>     #   click <M-RET> ⇒ 
>     #+CAPTION: this is a 
>     #+CAPTION: |long caption
> Would anyone else like this?
> Attached is a quick patch that works surprisingly well.  I would work
> more on it if you guys agree this would be useful.  It probably need
> much more work for corner-cases (any ideas what these are)?
> Thanks,
> Rasmus

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