Hi Rainer,

Rainer M Krug <rai...@krugs.de> writes:

> I figured out that I can not search for text in the link.
> Thins is quite annoying, especially as I even thought of opening the
> file in another texteditor, search for the string, and save it again.
> As an example: if this link is in an org-mode file, A search for "exa"
> does not return any results.
> [[*Examples][Link to exp]]
> Is this a problem on my side?

No, I confirm that that's how it works for me, too.  

I am not sure if this counts as a bug or not, so someone else should
still address this question.  Maybe this is the desired behavior, given
that the link text is hidden?  Or maybe it's just not possible to search
in hidden text?

There's a less-drastic solution than switching to another editor though!
You can just turn off Org mode...try M-x fundamental-mode, then run the


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