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> Yes, but why do you do that? What are you trying to accomplish? What
> does "keeping the configuration in order" mean?

I have that org-one-to-many utility, which splits the Org file at
(selected) headings, effectively making them separate Org files.  If
I e.g. use LaTeX macro definitions, or custom (per-file) TODO keywords
in that file, it makes sense to put the same configs in the files split
from the main one.  Putting them into their own headline may be the
simplest way to tell org-one-to-many what to copy to each generated

I don't like putting them at the top; while #+TITLE or #+AUTHOR do make
sense there (and don't in the split files!), cluttering the first few
screens with e.g. LaTeX definitions is not my favorite way of using


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