Sebastien Vauban <>

> Marcin Borkowski wrote:
>> On 2015-03-21, at 04:05, Nick Dokos <> wrote:
>>> Yes, but why do you do that? What are you trying to accomplish? What
>>> does "keeping the configuration in order" mean?
>> I have that org-one-to-many utility, which splits the Org file at
>> (selected) headings, effectively making them separate Org files.  If
>> I e.g. use LaTeX macro definitions, or custom (per-file) TODO keywords
>> in that file, it makes sense to put the same configs in the files split
>> from the main one.  Putting them into their own headline may be the
>> simplest way to tell org-one-to-many what to copy to each generated
>> file.
>> I don't like putting them at the top; while #+TITLE or #+AUTHOR do make
>> sense there (and don't in the split files!), cluttering the first few
>> screens with e.g. LaTeX definitions is not my favorite way of using
>> Org-mode.
> As I wrote, you could choose for an ARCHIVE'd heading (one that's
> always collapsed) or for a SETUPFILE?

The SETUPFILE sounds to me like the best solution, assuming that the
different files are sharing configuration.


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