Rasmus <ras...@gmx.us> writes:

> I /think/ that is what I would like.  But I don't understand the what you
> mean concretely: would you have something like:
>      (:subject "SUBJECT" nil nil space parsed)

       (:subject "SUBJECT" nil nil parsed)

`parsed' behavior implies `space' anyway, since we're talking about
secondary strings.


  (plist-get info :subject)

would return the same as the following, currently,

   (plist-get info :subject) (org-element-restriction 'keyword))

> I agree this is a difficult problem.  Personally, I think it is fine to
> consider a keyword as a keyword and nothing more, and not consider content
> within a keyword.  However, as I recall, John had a post a while back
> about mapping over bold in CAPTIONS or something like that.

`org-element-map' can find objects in captions, with an optional

> I think it may be a mess to interpret content of a keyword at
> org-element-map level.  Consider if #+SUBJECT is interpreted with in
> ox-koma-letter but not in an imaginary ox-new-letter.  Would it not be
> confusing?

I think so.


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