Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:

> Rasmus <> writes:
>> I /think/ that is what I would like.  But I don't understand the what you
>> mean concretely: would you have something like:
>>      (:subject "SUBJECT" nil nil space parsed)
>        (:subject "SUBJECT" nil nil parsed)
> `parsed' behavior implies `space' anyway, since we're talking about
> secondary strings.

Is that always the case?  I guess..

>> I agree this is a difficult problem.  Personally, I think it is fine to
>> consider a keyword as a keyword and nothing more, and not consider content
>> within a keyword.  However, as I recall, John had a post a while back
>> about mapping over bold in CAPTIONS or something like that.
> `org-element-map' can find objects in captions, with an optional
> argument.

If turns out to be important, perhaps it would also be possible to map
keyword objects with an non-default argument.

Don't panic!!!

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