Emacs and git in today´s fresh version.

I have two files:

#+LINK: HOME http://example.de

* My Homepage
  You can find my homepage [[HOME][here]]

#+INCLUDE: file2.org

#+LINK: HOME2 http://other.example.de

* My other page
  You can find my other page [[HOME2][here]]

I can export file2.org to html as expected.

I can´t export file1.org to html with the included file2.org.
Only if I move the #+LINK line from file2 to file1 the export
works as expected.

In my setting file2.org must export standalone, so moving the LINKs to
file1 is no option. An ugly workaround would be to include the
abbreviation for HOME2 in both files.  Ugly.

Is there a woraround/setting to have local #+LINK directives working in
included files? 


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