Detlef Steuer <detlef.ste...@gmx.de> writes:

> I have two files:
> file1.org:
> --------------------
> #+LINK: HOME http://example.de
> * My Homepage You can find my homepage [[HOME][here]]
> #+INCLUDE: file2.org
> --------------------
> file2.org --------------------
> #+LINK: HOME2 http://other.example.de
> * My other page
>   You can find my other page [[HOME2][here]]
> --------------------
> I can export file2.org to html as expected.
> I canĀ“t export file1.org to html with the included file2.org.
> Only if I move the #+LINK line from file2 to file1 the export
> works as expected.
> In my setting file2.org must export standalone, so moving the LINKs to
> file1 is no option. An ugly workaround would be to include the
> abbreviation for HOME2 in both files.  Ugly.
> Is there a woraround/setting to have local #+LINK directives working in
> included files?

You can extract out #+LINK: keywords in a file, e.g. "setup.org" and
use #+SETUPFILE: ... in both "file1.org" and "file2.org".

You can also use 

  #+SETUPFILE: file2.org

in "file1.org".

Set-up (e.g., link abbreviations) is not refreshed after expanding
INCLUDE keywords. I cannot remember why, tho. Maybe for (dubious)
efficiency reasons.


Nicolas Goaziou

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