John Kitchin <> writes:

> Hi Eric,
> I added some functions in the attachment. they colorize the comments,
> add an org-comment menu to the org-menu, and some functions for pop to
> and delete comments from the list mode, and a hydra for commands to
> insert comments. Do you want to get this up on github to facilitate
> developing it?

Okay, either way, it's on Github now:

I didn't realize you could use markers as ids in tabular list mode, that
made things a lot easier. I've removed the hydra stuff for now, and also
am not automatically turning on the highlighting. I'm still considering
a minor mode or something, or at least install it as an Org mode hook.


> Eric Abrahamsen writes:
>> Eric Abrahamsen
>  <> writes:
>>> Vikas Rawal <> writes:
>>>>     On 25-Apr-2015, at 6:22 am, John Kitchin <>
>>>>     wrote:
>>>>     Inspired by this conversation, I hacked up this functional comment
>>>>     link:
>>>>     It has a custom link type that exports in html and latex, and when
>>>>     you click on it, it asks if you want to delete the comment.
>>>> Nice. One small issue is that when I highlight a text and add comment
>>>> to it, and then delete the comment, one space following the last word
>>>> is removed.
>>>> Also, it would be good to make the comment stand out in LaTeX (and
>>>> other) exports, preferably by pushing it to the margin (so it does not
>>>> move everything else).
>>> Hang on a bit, I'm wasting my afternoon expanding this...
>> Okay, this is as far as I got today. I changed some behavior from John's
>> implementation: when following the links, it seemed like displaying the
>> comment text would be more useful than deleting it -- I think many of us
>> have "delete-org-link" functions lying around. I also couldn't get the
>> add-comment thing to work, as it complained when there was no region, so
>> I changed how that works.
>> Lastly, I spent most of my time learning how tabular list mode works,
>> and haven't actually tested the export. Will save that for tomorrow.
>> Otherwise, here's the introduction from the Commentary. Comments and
>> suggestions very welcome!
>> Provides a new link type for Org that allows you to create comments
>> on arbitrary chunks of text.  The link prefix is "comment:".
>> Add comments with `org-comment-add-comment'.  Following the link
>> will display the text of the comment in a pop-up buffer.  The
>> buffer is in special-mode, hit "q" to dismiss it.
>> Call `org-comment-display-comments' to see all comments in a buffer.
>> See the `org-comment-[backend]-export-style' options for ways to
>> format comments in export.
>> TODO:
>> 1. Better export customization options.
>> 2. What does the ODT comment XML look like?
>> 3. More functions in the display comment buffer: copy as
>> kill... what else?
>> 4. More functions in the comments list buffer, to display, pop to,
>> delete, and edit comment text.
>> 5. Is it possible to have multi-line filled tabular list items?
>> Long comments are not very useful if you can't see the whole thing.
>> 5. Allow multiple comment list buffers attached to different Org
>> buffers.
>> 6. Maybe a minor mode for ease of manipulating comments?
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