Rasmus <ras...@gmx.us> writes:

> Can you try the attached patch?  It seems to work on my system, but
> probably more cleanup should be made wrt the "old" outline-functions.
> +                       (org-with-wide-buffer
> +                        (org-next-visible-heading 1)
> +                        (point)))))

You shouldn't use `org-next-visible-heading' as statistics cookie
updates shouldn't depend on current visibility. Also, the problem is
more subtle: you have to check if you're within an inlinetask, in which
case you don't want to use `org-with-limited-levels' or not.

Anyway, we could fix it in another way. Eric's example,

  - [ ] the first task
  *************** This is something to note
  *************** END

  - [ ] another list of tasks

is misleading because it's really the same list, i.e., inlinetasks are
allowed in items, so "This is something to note" belongs to "the first

So, our option is to simply dis-allow inlinetasks in plain lists. That
would also solve the issue.



Nicolas Goaziou

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