Rasmus <ras...@gmx.us> writes:

>> You shouldn't use `org-next-visible-heading' as statistics cookie
>> updates shouldn't depend on current visibility.
> That's why I used org-with-wide-buffer.

This is orthogonal. `o-w-w-b' is about narrowing. `o-n-v-h' ignores

> But perhaps a better solution would be an org-next-heading or
> whatever, that considered inlinetasks.

I'm not sure what you mean. `outline-next-heading'?

>> Also, the problem is more subtle: you have to check if you're within an
>> inlinetask, in which case you don't want to use
>> `org-with-limited-levels' or not.
> Is that saying that org-with-wide-buffer is no good here?

I'm saying `org-next-visible-heading', or, more precisely,
`org-with-limited-levels' is no good here. See `org-get-property-block'
for an example.


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