On Wednesday, 10 Jun 2015 at 09:57, windy wrote:
> Another question, I am a student , I think it is a big problem that
> how to exchange you article with your teacher, because the teacher
> will comment or revise your article once again and again.
> However, Many teachers will not use emacs to write articles and also
> the pdf file is not so convenient to do some modification, how will
> you deal with the problem ?

As John has already said, go with the flow and use whatever system your
teacher prefers...

The students in my group quickly learn that they get more useful
feedback from me if they give me LaTeX or org files instead of Word!
It's not because I wish to penalise them, of course.  It's that I don't
have Word so I get them to give me PDF to ensure the maths come through
properly (libreoffice is not particularly good when it comes to
mathematics).  I only end up commenting indirectly on any document they
give me.  On the other hand, if they give me LaTeX or org, I comment
directly within their documents and/or suggest changes when appropriate.

: Eric S Fraga (0xFFFCF67D), Emacs, Org 

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