Thanks for your advices.

I will try to export as DOCX  instead of DOC.

The org-ref is a very convenient way to control the bibtex after I watch the 
video, through it doesn't resovle the bibtex expoort in ODT.
I think in a long time, the DOC format stil a dominate format that communicate 
with teachers...(Sad news...)

Very glad to hear the news that citation will supported by org-mode and Thanks 
for you and your partners' hard work!

Many Thanks.

在2015年06月11 13时38分, "Rasmus"<>写道:

windy <> writes:

>      My teacher let me give a DOC version for that only me use the
> emacs in our lab (So lonely, DOC dominate the most people).

You should see if you can at least "upgrade" to docx.  In my experience,
LO writes much better docx than doc (e.g. when using doc math is
downsampled to images losing a lot of quality).

>      I finnally export as ODT and change into DOC version, it seems
> works well for that only no reference generate. Wish a more wisdom ODT
> exporter in org-mode. Bibtex is a big problem when export into
> different format files.

ATM I think the a lot of people use John's org-ref.

For this problem I've used a home-grown "org-cite.el" that uses reftex.el
to format citations in author-year style.  I generate the final
bibliography via tex4ht and mlentic erge the two documents in an odm.  This is
easy with a Makefile.

Later, probably after 8.3, we'll try to include citation support in Org.


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