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> Rainer M Krug <rai...@krugs.de> writes:
>> These packages all depend on R itself.
>> So isn't this the same as in emacs / elisp? Isn't an exporter / .el file
>> the same as a package in R, something which enhances the original
>> product using a provided interface (the functions) but does not change
>> anything in the original program (R or emacs)?
> It's both the same and different.
> The legal question of whether R packages are derivative works of R is
> similar to the question of elisp packages that use editing primitives
> are derivative works of emacs.
> The social question is totally separate.  It's obvious OK in the R world
> to have packages under other licenses.  In the emacs world, it's far
> From obvious.

OK, so let me pose another question: what if I *don't* distribute
a package?  (Whatever "distribution" means, it's probably unclear, but
let us rely on common sense.)


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