Oleh Krehel <ohwoeo...@gmail.com> writes:

> Marcin Borkowski <mb...@mbork.pl> writes:
>> Hi all,
>> after a short discussion in a recent thread, I have a serious technical
>> question.
>> Assume that (for some reason) I want to write an Org-mode exporter which
>> won't be GPL'd.  (Use-case: having written a few custom exporters, I'm
>> writing a tutorial on them, and I consider publishing a *tutorial* with
>> GPL'd code a Bad Thing™.  (The idea of a programming tutorial is that
>> other people can or even should reuse the code in the tutorial, right?
>> And I see no reason to impose GPL on them.))
>> How do I do that?  Is that even possible?  Also, is it possible to get
>> an actual answer to this question without spending money on lawyers?
> Like I said in an earlier message just a few minutes ago, you can do it,
> but you can't use org.el or Elisp at all, unless you implement your own
> Elisp engine that you call.

AIUI, in the UK at least this isn't correct. There is no infringement of
copyright by writing and distributing your own elisp (or any other
language) code.

Whether or not somebody else chooses to use a particular elisp
implementation to run that code is up to them. But you don't have any
liability simply by using the language.

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