so far so good..  Great job!!


On 11/30/2016 08:27 PM, andy pugh wrote:
> On 29 November 2016 at 22:01, andy pugh <> wrote:
>> It is nearly ready for requests to attempt to break it.
> I think that it now is ready for attempts to break it.
> I would be interested in screen-shots and sample files that the
> algorithm copes badly with.
> No documentation yet, but, roughly speaking
>      P  # Block Number of contour beginning (uses N word in beginning block)
>      D # Roughing Depth per cut
>      R # Retraction from each cut
>      J  # Overthickness before finishing X (diameter)   (U on other 
> controllers)
>      L  # Overthickness before finishing Z              (W on other 
> controllers)
>      I   # Thickness for finishing at X
>      K  # Thickness for finishing at Z
>      F  # Feedrate override between P and Q blocks
>      S   # Spindle speed override between P and Q blocks
>      T   # Tool for cycle
> F, S, T are not active in the Python remap version. Nor are I and K as
> it doesn't do the semi-finish pass. P should refer to an O NNN SUB / O
> NNN ENDSUB block.

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